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3 Genius Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

Now that Christmas has passed and we are into January it is that dreaded time to start thinking about taking down and putting away all your Christmas decorations. Maybe you are a keener and have already done this, or maybe you are waiting until February to take down your Christmas tree (to each their own). Either way, you will want to read these 3 genius Christmas decoration storage tips.

#1.) Christmas Ornament Storage: This cheap yet brilliant way to store your fragile Christmas ornaments will ensure they avoid the risk of breaking while staying wonderfully organized. Glue plastic cups to a piece of cardboard. Place each ornament in a separate cup to avoid potential breakage and to avoid hooks from tangling. When next year rolls around you avoid the madness of having to separate your ornaments making setting up the Christmas tree a breeze!


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#2.) Christmas Light Storage: If you are like my family, you might take down your Christmas lights from the tree or house and end up with a hideous tangled mess. This year, I am going to be super organized and wrap all of my lights around a piece of cardboard or a long wrapping paper roll to keep everything organized. Such a simple and easy idea!


(Top Photo via: Martha Stewart and Bottom Photo Via: Savvy Housekeeping)

 #3.) Christmas Gift Wrap Storage: Have you ever purchased gift wrap only to use half of it, and then forget about it sitting in the back of your closet? I am definitely guilty of this, but once I seen this solution I knew that would never happen to me again. For those of you who are a little bit more crafty you can try making this lovely gift wrap organizer. All you need are some curtain rods, hooks, and a picture frame. To learn how to make visit:


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If you are looking for an even easier way to store your gift wrap you could use a larger trash can and place it in your storage room. Then all you have to do is toss your paper in!


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Merry Organizing Everyone!